I'm almost surely doing a trip on a Palau liveaboard in December. I have two weeks only so I have time to either do a 7-day trip plus a visit to Truk and/or Yap OR a 10-day trip in Palau only. My first decision is this: 7-day Palau plus Truk/Yap or 10-day Palau only. And then my second decision: if the 7-day Palau plus, do I then add only Truk or Truk and Yap? My inclination, and what I've been planning, is a 7-day trip on the Tropic Dancer (booked, not paid yet) over xmas followed by 5 nights on Truk (probably @ Truk Stop) over New Years. But I thought, for due diligence sake, I should ask someone who's been to all 3 destinations for any thoughts they may have. So, anyone, do you think it better that I give Truk a miss so that I can fully avail myself of a 10-day Palau trip (that'd be the Aggressor in early December)...OR do you think Yap so brilliant I must add it to my xmas trip (that would entail cutting my Truk stay down to 3 nights, w/ only 2 nights on Yap...and making a miserable flying itinerary even more so, the Yap flights being in the middle of the night)? It seems to me that Yap would not add a lot to the trip, whereas Truk is a very special destination. Thanks in advance!