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#6112 - 04/17/03 08:20 PM contacts and diving
watergal Offline
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I am just finishing my Open water diving class. I wear glasses and in the first pool session realized that I could not see my gages with out glasses so tonight I wore my contacts. Was nervous because I had to remove mask, and the clorene seemed to bother them. Is it easier in the lake? And how does salt water affect contacts. Thanks

#6113 - 04/20/03 09:46 AM Re: contacts and diving
bottomrunner Offline

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a pescribed mask might be the way to go. and 50 bucks extra for the lenses
another idea take an old pair of glasses and place lenses inside of mask
i hope this will help a little

#6114 - 04/21/03 08:41 AM Re: contacts and diving
BadFish Offline

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I wear contact when i dive, and i find no problems with it. What i do is this, i bought an extra contact case, adn i save the previous months lens in the extra case that i marked as DIve. then when i dive i wear the saved pair and bring my regular pair with me on the boat.
If i lose a contact i have a backup pair, and in truth in the two years i've been diving i haven't had a issue with losing them.

You should be just fine, just cloe your eyes when you flood your mask, you'll be fine.

IF you have more questions you can contact me by email or at

#6115 - 04/21/03 09:21 AM Re: contacts and diving
BillL Offline

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It was probably the pool water that irritated your eyes, I don't think the contacts were the problem. Many divers use their contacts while diving. Just be careful, it is easy to lose the contacts when you open your eyes underwater. The other way to go is with a prescription mask. Check our website under masks with optical lenses for more information.

#6116 - 04/24/03 04:35 AM Re: contacts and diving
dream-mermaid Offline
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I dived for years with contacts without problems and never needed to remove my mask again. When I started working as a dive instructor I had so many problems with eye infections that i finally went for the LASIK operation and I am happy beyond belief with the result, both in and out of the water.

#6117 - 04/26/03 09:31 AM Re: contacts and diving
divealot Offline

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I got my certification before I got contacts. At first I was a little nervous about loosing a contact while diving but that went away in less than 5 minutes. Just keep your eyes closed when you flood or remove your mask. Having a back up pair of contacts is a great suggestion!


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