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#6058 - 01/15/03 05:15 AM Clearing Ear Pressure
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new diver

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I am a beginning diver - currently being certified - and am having trouble equalizing the pressure in my ears. If this issue isn't rectified, I will not be able to proceed with my lessons. Does anyone have a novel approach or technique?

#6059 - 01/15/03 09:27 AM Re: Clearing Ear Pressure
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Equalizing ears for new divers can sometimes be a challenge at first. Make sure you are able to clear your ears on the surface. Sometimes not clearing soon enough as you desend will keep the ears from clearing. If you can't equalize prior to descending, then that would prevent you from diving. Check with your instructor to make sure you are using proper technique.

#6060 - 01/16/03 12:59 AM Re: Clearing Ear Pressure
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There are some tricks to help most divers. As Bill said and my instuctor's words "equalize early and often". Another one to try, and you can discuss with your instructor is: decend in upright position looking up at the surface when you equalize. This stretches the tubes and allows the pressure to equalize easier on both sides of the ear drum. Also before the dive try some neck stretches, tilting your head side to side gently not jerking. Again it helps to try to stretch the tubes. Do note that swimming down to your depth like the pros (that is with head pointing down at the bottom and your fins pointing at the surface) positions you so that it is harder to equalize. This problem should go away with time providing you don't have a physical limitation. One more thing I'm sure you're instructor told you is when you feel the pressure don't continue downward, go up a couple of feet until you equalize. If you had a lot of ear aches as a kid you may have narrow canals and should consult a doctor about this sport. The techniques I mentioned can be practiced in a pool. Good Luck.

#6061 - 01/27/03 07:26 PM Re: Clearing Ear Pressure
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What they mentioned is true there are a lot of ways to aid in clearing and it does get easier. I had so much trouble that for the first 12 or 15 years I was diving I was brusing my nose I had so much trouble. I went to see a diving doctor and he found my tubes were much smaller than most folks and told me something to take for it. I wont mention what it is here because you should always see a doc before trying meds. I havent had any trouble in many many years.


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