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#6017 - 01/19/03 06:05 AM Re: Sudafed + diving the DAN report
excite2scuba Offline

Registered: 12/12/02
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Loc: Frenchtown NJ
I'm a newbie diver. I got certified in may. I remember clearly that we were told to take sud a fed or other decongestants before we dive. I remember they even told us to take them the night before diving. I myself don't, I don't want to be under any medication regardless if only a decongestant. If I have to take medication before diving I won't go.

#6018 - 01/20/03 09:08 AM Re: Sudafed + diving the DAN report
BillL Offline

Registered: 05/08/02
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Loc: So. California, USA
We need to remember this recreational (Fun). If you have problems with equalizing or don't feel well, why dive? Being prepared mentally and physically to dive makes it the most enjoyable.

#6019 - 02/14/03 12:58 AM Re: Sudafed + diving the DAN report
gqmedic Offline

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Loc: Moreno Valley, CA. US
From time to time I experience difficulties with alergies. Be it pollen, poor air quality in So Cal, cats, grass, leaves, whatever. LIFE plugs me up. No biggie. I DO infact use sudafed and afrin and it works great for me. Dive after dive, no worries. If your not ACTUALLY "ill" and have problems equalizing due to mild congestion, these wonderful lil inventions are "johnny on the spot". So lets stop ringing the ALARM BELL already.


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#6020 - 02/16/03 02:29 PM Re: Sudafed + diving the DAN report
Craig Offline
new diver

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Loc: Baton Rouge, La
I read a recent skin diver article and it said it caused ho harm. Just don't take any congest-med that makes u sleepy.

#6021 - 02/20/03 02:30 PM Re: Sudafed + diving the DAN report
bpadivers Offline

Registered: 03/19/01
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Loc: Roswell, NM
While I don't reccommend doing this, I will tell my story. I had problems equalizing when I was the least bit stuffy. Allergies, dust, a change in temperature. I bought a product called FLONASE or in Mexico its called BECONASE. I used one spray a day in each nostril for 2 weeks, then once every few days for another 4 weeks. I dont know if it was a good idea to follow the advice of a strange doctor I met in a 3rd world country, but I can now equalize almost by just thinking about it. I believe it actually eats away some of your mucous membrane, so like I said, I was probably stupid for doing it, but man, allergies or not, you cant stop me from feeling comfortable at any depth.

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