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#5687 - 09/05/01 12:44 AM Scuba Movies

This year at camp I took a scuba class! Scuba became very interesting to me. So I decided to take a class to get surtified. So I did, now im a surtified diver, and ive been scuba diving in the carribian. It was a blast. Since then ive done alot a research on scuba diving, and discovered many interesting things. Ive beeen looking for good scuba movies and books non-fiction or fiction, if you have any ideas on some good ones please reply. Thanx for your help, Alex
And enjoy diving!!!!!!!!!!

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#5688 - 09/04/01 01:12 PM Re: Scuba Movies
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The Deep, The Abyss, Men of Honor

#5689 - 09/05/01 12:24 AM Re: Scuba Movies
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Movies: The Abyss, Men of Honor, submerged (was on cable a few weeks ago)...books: The Terrible Hours( about the movie submerged, The Last Dive.

These I have seen, read or reading.....


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