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#5662 - 08/20/01 02:36 PM SMOKING and SCUBA... how bad is it?
wheezy Offline
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I've heard that when you are a "smoker" the risk of DCS increases. HOW MUCH? is my question... are there any prevenative steps to take (other than the obvious quitting smoking)???

Enlighten me people.... thanks

#5663 - 08/20/01 10:48 PM Re: SMOKING and SCUBA... how bad is it?
Infinity Offline
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Quit smoking and enjoy using less air.

#5664 - 08/20/01 10:58 PM Re: SMOKING and SCUBA... how bad is it?
TexasMike Offline

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This question is best asked in the Dr. Deco forum on

#5665 - 08/24/01 05:56 AM Re: SMOKING and SCUBA... how bad is it?
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The DCS problem is created due to reduced lung efficency. if you are not a HEAVY smkoer that finds it hard to breath after running 20 meter it is almost neglectable.

a more seriouse danger is air embolism that might be created if parts of the lung are cocked, again, unless you are a HEAVY smoker it hardly increases the risk.

#5666 - 08/24/01 04:35 PM Re: SMOKING and SCUBA... how bad is it?
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I know someone who got a collapsed lung due to smoking and diving. It happened out on a dive boat, it was a messy situation! Anyway, I know there are a lot of people who smoke and dive but the obvious choice is to quit smoking.

#5667 - 08/27/01 07:11 AM Re: SMOKING and SCUBA... how bad is it?
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There is only one prevenative measure - QUIT!!

#5668 - 08/28/01 11:34 PM Re: SMOKING and SCUBA... how bad is it?
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Hi! Can you stand to hear from a reformed smoker? I began diving a little over a year ago. At the time I wasn't smoking much-a little less than 1/2 pack per day. The problem that I ran in to was that I was VERY nervous during my OW certification and required the use of an inhaler to get my breathing under control. Not a good scene, needless to say, and it was made worse because I am a nurse and therefore "immune" to any major problems, right? Well to keep a long story short, I finally quit while on a dive trip to Cozumel in January of this year. I have to admit that I am now using much less air; maybe due to experience, maybe due to cleaner lungs. But what ever the reason my breathing is easier. My point however is this. Unless you really want to quit no one is going to make you. Yes, there are increased risks with diving and smoking, but even if you didn't dive you risk your life by smoking. So much for my little lecture. My suggestion, try to stay as healthy as possible, and maybe be a little more conservative with your diving if you choose to continue smoking.


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