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#5346 - 05/23/01 04:03 PM Re: Major Anxiety . . Need all points of view
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just got here

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hey buddy dont fret actually the cases of dci are rare compared to all the divers diving around the world and as long as you follow the rules you probably never will have a run in with it . Get The Best Equiptment and maintain it have your regulator serviced yearly.As you become more acustomed to the new experience things will get easier Everyone had some degree of fear when they started so relax follow the rules and remember diving is supposed to be fun take care

#5347 - 06/28/01 05:35 PM Re: Major Anxiety . . Need all points of view
radecatur Offline
new diver

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Hey all!
as promised, here is my update. The ocean dives went fairly well. One thing i forgot to mention earlier is that i have had a hip replacement in december of 2k. So as it stands now i have one good hip and one left to replace. So with that being said, The ocean dives got dragged out by an extra week because i would get 2 or 3 dives in each saturday, and when i would wake up on sunday, my bad hip would be in some serious pain. But all eventually worked out. I just got my C-Card today!!! Wahooo!!!!!!!
So thanks for the motivation. And if anyone ever wants to dive in monterey, drop me a line. Id be glad to go out. Kelp is Cool!

#5348 - 06/28/01 07:22 PM Re: Major Anxiety . . Need all points of view
dolphin Offline
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CONGRATULATIONS!!! Way to go!! I've got bad knees, so I can relate to only diving one day at a time, but wasn't it fantastic! People who never try, don't understand what they're missing. I'm glad you took the plunge! Have Fun - Get Wet!!!

#5349 - 06/29/01 03:45 PM Re: Major Anxiety . . Need all points of view
Hyperjoe Offline

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AWSOME!!!!! Enjoy Diving!!!!

"Be" Safe, and safe you will be!


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