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#5086 - 12/11/00 06:22 AM Cave Diving ?
Reef Guy Offline

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Am planning to go Cave Diving pretty soon but I have some concerns, how dangerous is Cave Diving? In a recent documentry in the Discovery Science channel (Extreme Diving) the experts who where cave diving in Mexico said that cave diving made Diving the most dangerous sport in the world. But other people tell me its pretty safe while you have the right team and the right equipment.

So, is Cave Diving as dangeruos as they say or is it pretty safe?

#5087 - 12/11/00 04:24 PM Re: Cave Diving ?
Ross Offline
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....Ok. Now I'm not ever going cave diving. You'll find me in a rusty wreck or a silty rig, but I'll never enter a cave. Its costly, and..well boring. I consider the same stuff all the time boring. Plus, I'm not too sure if I would take the risk of getting lost in it.

#5088 - 12/15/00 07:19 PM Re: Cave Diving ?
frog man Offline

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cave diving is very dangerous if not trained and not use proper must read at least the "nss cave diving manual"( in Yucatan cenotes, many diver included open water instructors have died trying explore caves.
Cave diving is technical dive, shoul have a course( 4 stages )first. be carfull


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