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#4712 - 11/05/02 03:46 PM What next?

I got certified as a hunior open water diver not to long ago. What kind of courses can I do next? [Confused] [Confused]

#4713 - 11/05/02 05:13 PM Re: What next?
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hey you can do many things that are pretty neat there is
*advanced open water
*rescue diver
*night diver
*lobster diver
*and master diver but u need a whole bunch of certifications for that [Smile] good luck

#4714 - 11/14/02 06:50 AM Re: What next?
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Recommend you dive for awhile and see what you like to do, take the Advanced Open Water Course and sample the different dives. I really like wreck diving and night diving--but everyone is different. [Razz]

Diving isn't about all the certifications, it is about diving and enjoying your experience with other divers. I find the people I meet more interesting than any class I have ever taken.

Good Luck and long dives.

#4715 - 11/15/02 10:40 AM Re: What next?
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The average diver dives around 12 times a year. If you set a goal of diving at least 12 times and take at least one continuing education course that first year, you'll be on your way to becoming a comfortable safe diver.

#4716 - 12/07/02 06:56 PM Re: What next?
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Thanx a bunch guyz, I think I know what I'll do now.

#4717 - 12/11/02 04:48 PM Re: What next?
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I got certified as a hunior open water diver not to long ago. What kind of courses can I do next?
I'm not too sure about this but can a "hunior (junior?) open water" diver go straight to advanced open water or do they have to be get their (non-Junior) open water first?

#4718 - 01/03/03 10:45 AM Re: What next?

An Junior certification normally takes exactly the same course as any other diver, however due to mental maturity, responsability and some physiological factors there are some restrictions.

A Junior Advanced diver in the PADI system can only dive to 21m or 70 ft as there is some effects on bone growth, they must dive with an adult, and between the ages of 10 and 12, they are restricted to 12m or 40 ft, and therefore can not take an advanced course. I find that this really doesnt matter for most 10-12 yr olds anyhow as any diving is pretty cool.

Personally I love teaching kids, they are a hoot. but you have to be careful that you keep them busy as they get bored and cold quick.


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