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#4433 - 08/07/01 12:21 AM Fear
rambler Offline
new diver

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I was certified through NAUI at the Open Water Level about seven years ago. I did a few dives during the next two years. Some were successful; some weren't. I have always loved water and swimming so I don't know how to deal with my problem. Every time I go to the ocean I snorkel. I'm not all that comfortable with people I don't know well; I'm very shy. I took the class with my brother, but still experienced difficulties during the decent. I experienced anxiety before and at the start of every dive until I got into it which may or may not have happened each dive. I had trouble association fun with diving until it was all over. Then I'd think about what I saw. The only time I really enjoyed diving at the same time I was diving was when I dove the Indra in Beaufort, NC. I did have a panic attack before I actually did that dive. Once I saw the boat (Indra) and the fish, I was so excited I forgot to be scared. I haven't dived in about five years. Now my brother wants me to start diving again. He did his first dive in years yesterday, but it comes easy for him. He told me that it will be like nothing for me now, but I'm scared to death. I don't even know if I'll remember how to use the euqipment; he assures me it will come back like it did for him. I'm getting nervous at the thought of ever going again. Is there any hope for me? Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

#4434 - 08/06/01 01:11 PM Re: Fear
jbd Offline
avid diver

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With your level of stress I would question whether or not this is something you really want to do. If you do decide to go back into diving I would suggest that you find a dive shop that you are comfortable with and sign up for a refresher course. This will take you through all the skills again and get you started on the right foot so to speak. Find an instructor that is willing to spend time with you since this may take a few days in your case. Please think this over carefully for your own safety.

#4435 - 08/06/01 05:42 PM Re: Fear
Rebecca Offline

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I would defiantly take a refresher course. After that I would suggest an advanced class. Dive as often as you can preferably with an instructor so he can give you pointers on making you more comfortable.

#4436 - 08/06/01 07:13 PM Re: Fear
The Natural Offline
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Maybe even take a couple of VALUIMS

Just kidding. Like they said, just relax. Diving is supposed to be a fun and great experience. I don't think I could dive if I felt the way you did and still have fun

Good luck, and be careful.

#4437 - 08/07/01 07:24 AM Re: Fear
munch_5150 Offline

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I would definitely take a refresher course. Please don't think diving is like riding a bike, there are skills required and you want to be sure you can handle a surprise or emergency situation. You can do it, it's just a matter of whether you want to and what it will take to make you comfortable.

#4438 - 08/08/01 01:04 AM Re: Fear
jmsdiver Offline

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The Divers Alert Network did a little blip in the Alert Diver not too long ago on this very subject. You may wish to contact them (or do a search on their site) for more information.

However, I would like for you to ask yourself something: "do I have fears/anxiety in other areas of my life?" What precipitates those fears, anxieties, emotions? What is the premise of that anxiety or fear? Fear of dying, getting eaten by a big animal, drowning, what? Furthermore, if these emotions are happening in other aspects of your life, I would recommend conseling. If you really need to dive, I would still recommend counselling to work out those fears. Some divers have panic attacks in everyday life and are on medications to help alleviate the symptoms. Some divers have panic attacks underwater at bizzarre times and many proponents have attributed those episodes with Nitrogen Narcosis. As I stated above, look into DAN; they are the major resource on diving.

After you have conquered the fear, I would take a refresher course with an instructor you feel comfortable with and is patient.

I wish you the best of luck in conquering this.

#4439 - 08/22/01 06:48 AM Re: Fear
Reef Guy Offline

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"Fear is the the path to the dark side, Fear leads to hate, hate leads to anger,anger leads to suffering"

Yoda :Episode I
The Phantom Menace

#4440 - 08/22/01 02:18 PM Re: Fear
rebelrph Offline
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Diving is not for everyone. The only reason I dive is for the great enjoyment I receive from the sport. If I went through everything you described I would consider another hobby.
My wife has some anxiety before diving , but as soon as she gets her head under water she calms down and does fine. As everyone has sugggested, I would also recommend a refresher course if you decide you want to try again. Becoming familiar with and trustin g your equipment is a must. If it takes 10 "dives" in a pool for you to do this then take your time and get comfortable with everything before going to open water.

Good luck

#4441 - 09/10/01 05:38 PM Re: Fear

well i'm doing my 4 open water dives this weekend and im scared sh*tless. i've always wanted to scuba dive and i love sealife but my biggest fear is also drowning so my mind is having a hard time dealing with the whole breathing underwater thing. I've done all pool excercises with no problem and i scored a 96 on the written exam. the only problem i have now is my mind vs my mind and it sucks. if there's anything u guys can suggest for a newbie. it would be greatly appreciated.

#4442 - 09/10/01 10:41 PM Re: Fear
jbd Offline
avid diver

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If you did well in your pool sessions then you will probably not have any problems during your certification dives. Remember that an instructor will be right there with you. If you get scared or start to feel panic coming on stop everything you are doing breathe, think, breathe,take appropriate action, breathe, breathe relax,breathe. Bolting to the surface is not appropriate action. Looking at your instructor or divemaster and communicating that you have a problem is appropriate. Main thing is to relax and enjoy the dives. Don't work yourself into a stressed out state of mind this week. Just relax and breathe while you are underwater. Also I think tha you will probably be so focused on what you are doing that you probably won't think about any fears other than, I wonder if I'll pass?
Keep us posted on your progress. We love to hear about new additions to the diving community. Good Luck!!

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