Hello all out there, I have a very rare Seiko Scubamaster that my instructor and local dive shop says is worth about 3000GBP. However, I have not had anybody offer me that much for the watch yet. The highest offer was 1800GBP. I was wondering if someone could tell me the value of the watch or if somebody is actually interested in it. The description of its functions is as below :

This watch is all titanium (casing and strap). Inside the casing are 4 step motors that runs the watch. It includes current time, current depth, maximum depth, diving time, time submerged, log data and alar (accuracy to 1min). It even has a battery life indicator. It uses 2 pieces of IC chip (C-MOS-LSI) as the brain of the watch. There is also a semiconductor pressure sensor on the watch which is accurate to 0.5m

mail me for a jpeg of the watch if you think you could help with its evaluation or if you're interested in the watch. Y.Bai@exeter.ac.uk. Thanks

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