Hi I was in bonaire in 1999 it's one of the best place to dive.you never forget about bonire.I stay in a family hotel they cook very nice and treat you very nice.I have maps tourist guide etc .Let me see if i can help you.Here you have a list of resorts and phone number.
bel-mar apartments 7878 (phone)
bonaire club 7901
buddy dive resort 5080
captains don's habitat 8290
crib inn 8819
divi club flamingo 8285
harbour village resort 7500
plaza resort bonaire 2500
sand dollar resort 8738
sunset inn 8291
You need passport they accept credit card
water is destilated accept drivers licens
air line info air aruba (phone7880)
in my opinion the island is good for dive every where there are a ship under the water you can dive thru i forgot the name of the site. if you want more information write me to welsie23@hotmail.com see ya!!