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#19862 - 01/26/12 04:40 PM Gear - Astigmatism + snorkels.
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We're heading to Roatan in another month for 2 weeks of daily snorkeling. We're sailors who enjoy snorkeling, but this trip we're landlubbers, so snorkeling is the "main event". We're also going to take diving lessons, and, if it seems like a good fit, some diving. (We've done hookah diving, but otherwise, we've been snorkelers for some 25 years, so we're not "young".) I have several questions related to equipment. We need new snorkels. Our old ones were "high tech" baffled snorkels years ago. Wondering about the Oceanic Ultra Dry Snorkel. That's what we're looking at. We also need new masks. My husband's prescription is farsighted (+4.5)with some astigmatism, but the astigmatism isn't really too bad.And, to further complicate the picture, he will have cataract surgery within a year or so, and his prescription will change dramatically. So, we're reluctant to spend a lot of $$ on a custom mask he can't change. He can't wear contacts, so that's out, as well. His optometrist suggested the mask with the glasses insert that sits inside the mask, but the reviews of these masks suggest that fogging is "problematic". So, according to the formulas I've seen, I think he could get by with the regular masks with the +4.0 drop-in lenses. Then, we could switch out the lenses, or, put them back to clear glass. Here are his parameters - what mask might work best if we went with the drop-in lens?:
Needs +4.0 correction, wide face (Aqualung Hawaii 2 is his present mask with no correction), moustache. Is a purge a good idea with the moustache? I've read those are bad if we end up diving. Also, I have a narrow, smaller, face. A mask suggestion for me? We're hoping to keep my husband's mask under $200, and my mask under $100, but we don't want poor quality stuff that will break down there and not work out. Lastly, split fins that are currently on sale, would those better than our current fins, which are old baffled fins (the ones like the navy has, I think, where water passes through near the foot)? Many thanks in advance!!

#21769 - 02/03/12 01:22 PM Re: Gear - Astigmatism + snorkels. [Re: Roatanbound]
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You'll find the majority of the masks that will allow for the optical lenses are of a very similar frame. The good side of that is that it is a very "generic" fitting frame. It tends to fit about 80-85% of the divers faces fairly comfortably. The purge is a feature that there is no right answer to. Some people love them, some people don't care for them, and nobody is wrong. I personally have used a purge mask for many years and love them. It is, simply put, just a nice convenience to not have to mess with your mask when you want to clear water out. Just exhale through your nose.

Split fins are easily the most effortless style of fin currently available to divers and snorkelers. The performance of the fin compared to the stress on your legs, is very amazing when compared to a regular paddle style fin.


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