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#1670 - 09/30/01 10:37 AM I Have A Question About Nitrox
nubiediver Offline
new diver

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I am sorta new to diving and i was intrested in nitrox.
Is their any extra things i need to dive to use nitrox?
And do i need a rebreather to dive with nitrox?

#1671 - 09/30/01 08:49 PM Re: I Have A Question About Nitrox
TexasMike Offline

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No major bits of additional gear are needed other than a nitrox capable computer. However, getting certified in Nitrox diving is the first step and answer a lot of questions.

A rebreather does use a nitrox mix in it's operations, but if you are just starting with your diving, that's a bit more down the road at this time.

Also, for another source for good diving information (gear and otherwise) check out

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#1672 - 10/01/01 02:02 PM Re: I Have A Question About Nitrox
Rebecca Offline

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You will want to make sure to have a special O2 cleaned tank that you use only for your nitrox fills.
You dont have to dive with a rebreather when you dive with nitrox. But if you dive with a rebreather you will be diving with nitrox. (phew! that was a little confusing )

#1673 - 10/03/01 07:40 AM Re: I Have A Question About Nitrox
suncoast Offline
just got here

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First off, you will need to take the Nitrox course to dive with Nitrox. You'll need the Nitrox "C" card to get a tank.
Second, once you are Nitrox certified you can rent Nitrox tanks, buy Nitrox tanks and get Nitrox fills.

You really don't need special gear except the tanks. They must be O2 cleaned. Your current gear should suffice (check with your manufacturer). One caveat to that is that it can't have Titanium. Titanium burns with high O2 gases.

As for dive computers, they make tracking your Nitrogen and O2 levels so much easier. But, it's good to know how to use all the necessary tables. You should know this in case your computer goes on the fritz.

Otherwise, Happy diving!

#1674 - 10/05/01 08:42 PM Re: I Have A Question About Nitrox
jmsdiver Offline

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So, what kind of truth is therein Titanium buring at high PO2 pressures? I have an Atomic; the insert said that it was good to go for Nitrox, and no other warnings other than the usual "get certified first, this sport can be dangerous."

Just curious


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