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#1635 - 09/21/01 06:53 PM Nitrox/regulator
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I have Aqulung Titan regulator. Documentation with it says not to use with enriched air. Why? Must I buy new one? Actually, I got nitrox certified and dove for a week. instructor didn't say anything. Discovered it when I got back home.

#1636 - 09/22/01 08:39 AM Re: Nitrox/regulator
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generally, most regs are good to 40% O2. Also, most shops use an O2 rated lube anyway. You can have your reg checked and cleaned for O2, and consider it your regualr annual service.

#1637 - 09/23/01 12:21 AM Re: Nitrox/regulator
TexasMike Offline

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Additional techie details is that the o-rings used when the reg was manufactured are rated for long term use with regular air.

When you upgrade a setup for nitrox (or higher O2 percentages for deco staging) the O-rings are changed out for ones that are of a different material.

Has something to do with the enriched air causing faster deterioration of the standard air o-rings.

#1638 - 09/22/01 01:11 PM Re: Nitrox/regulator
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There are many opinions on this subject. A lot of regulators are set up for up to 40%. These regulators will specifically say they are "Nitrox Compatible to 40%" such as the IDI Searia regulators.
Most regulators that say not to use with nitrox will void the warranty if you do because of the faster breaking down of standard O-Rings.
My opinion on this is(and im sure a few will disagree):
1. Dive with it as is and don't miss your yearly service because you will want to have the o-rings changed at least once a year.
2. you can't handle 1&2 get it O2 cleaned and designate it as your nitrox regulator.

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