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#1425 - 08/03/01 03:40 PM Genesis REACT problems/DD Service After The Sale
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I purchased a Genesis REACT from DiversDiscount about 2mo. ago. First time in the water the temp gauge gave a reading that was 10 degrees to high, battery light continually flashed (even after three battery changes). After the dives, the computer would perform the countdown, display an H and shutdown. FedEx'd it back to DD. Then it was shipped to Genesis.

So, I was without the computer for my Advanced OW cert, and my instructor said that she had just sent one in with the same problem. So, a couple of weeks have gone by w/o the computer as DD shipped it off to Genesis. Have a couple of dives coming up...and I won't have the computer as DD is shipping it back ground.

Lesson learned: research the brand and the seller...see what kind of service is offered after the sale. That's what really matters when you have dive(s) coming up and you have equipment problems.

#1426 - 08/03/01 07:03 PM Re: Genesis REACT problems/DD Service After The Sale
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I am sorry to hear that you had problems with your new React computer. I own one and have not had any trouble. It sounds like it was a manufacturer defect and Genesis will either fix it or replace it. It is policy at Divers Discount to immediately ship warranty repairs to the manufacturer. After we get the item back we ship it to the customer by UPS Ground. It is not possible for us to ship it by 1 or 2 day air as it would be cost prohibitive. We would be glad to upgrade shipping if you were willing to pay the additional cost. Genesis is good with taking care of problems so I am sure your computer will work fine. Please keep us posted and let us know if you have anymore problems.

#1427 - 08/04/01 12:05 AM Re: Genesis REACT problems/DD Service After The Sale
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I have a REACT as well and the other day I was on a dive and when I got out for my surface interval the battery light flashed a few times, but it the battery icon was full black. The next dive it did not do this or I did not notice it. When I got home I called the shop where I got it from and he said that as long as it is flashs a couple of times and the battery icon is full black or partial black. He said just to be on the safe side to keep an extra battery on hand. I would love to know if there is a problem with this brand of computer. I my self have not had it long either about 3 or 2 months. If anyone knows of a serious problem feel free to contact me


James Murray

#1428 - 08/04/01 08:06 AM Re: Genesis REACT problems/DD Service After The Sale
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I would just like to point out that we cannot forget that these are computers-complicated instruments without extraordinary stress put upon them. I bought several Oceanic Dataplus 2. One arrived non-functioning and one failed on the first dive. Unfortunately, it is unrealistic to expect manufacturers to test dive their priducts, unless we want to pay double the price for them. Remember when personal computers first became widespread, you could not buy one without the store doing a "burn in" period where they would run the computer for 24-48 continuous hours, since most failures happen in that initial period. Dive computers are at that same stage of evolution. Eventually, they will get the technology to the point where there will be a lot less initial failure. In our market, we tend to drive price down, not quality up. It is unfair to blame DD. Please note that we choose (and I include myself) to buy online for a better price. If I had bought my Oceanics from a local dealer, at twice the cost, they would have handed me a new one when mine failed, and I would not have waited three weeks to get it back. I am still comfortable with my decision-but we cannot have our cake and eat it too!

#1429 - 08/06/01 07:09 PM Re: Genesis REACT problems/DD Service After The Sale
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As mentioned in earlier post, The OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) that makes the REACT has been making this style computer for at least six different brand names for ten years. The chips used in the REACT are held to the same stringent quality control standards as the chips used in any other make or model. As many of these computers as have been sold and are in use today worldwide, the several that malfunction is a tiny fraction.
This does not diminish the inconveneince to the diving consumer that winds up dealing with a warranty issue. Please keep in mind that the dealership agreements usually REQUIRE an autorized dealer to return the defective unit to the distributor for a decision. It is very rare that action is not taken quickly by the distributor as it is in their best interest to keep diving consumers happy with their products.

As far as shipping goes, there isn't a courier in the world providing pick up and delivery for free. Keep in mind that the consumer doesn't pay for the item to get sent to the distributor from the dealer either.
If the consumer doesn't want to pay for an UPGRADE to the already free return shipping provided by the authorized dealer - They must not be in that big a hurry to get it back.


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