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#1218 - 06/26/01 08:45 AM Yoke vs Din Valve
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Whats the differnce between a YOKE and DIN valve and which one is the most universal vale to choose when purchasing a regulator. I appologize for my ignorance. Its been a couple years since I was certified. I know one is more universal. I live in the US and want to use my equip on trips all over the world and the US.

Thank you in advance...

#1219 - 06/26/01 10:55 AM Re: Yoke vs Din Valve
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The yoke screws ON TO the tank valve, while the DIN screws INTO the tank. Yokes are popular here, while the DIN is popular in Europe.

Most decent regulators have a realtively inexpensive DIN conversion, so you would okay no matter where you were.

#1220 - 06/26/01 11:00 AM Re: Yoke vs Din Valve
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The DIN valve is used for high-pressure steel tanks. The other style, the yoke or K-valve is for aluminum tanks and 3000 lb. steel tanks. The K-valve style is by far the most common. If and when you travel out of the states to dive, you will probably need the K-valve style first-stage--I don't think you can rent high-pressure tanks in most other places out of the U.S. One possibility is-if you use a DIN valve-you could purchase an adapter to convert over to the K-valve when you needed, that way you would have the best of both worlds without having to go to the dive shop to have your first-stage converted back and forth.

#1221 - 06/27/01 11:27 AM Re: Yoke vs Din Valve
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The DIN valve is most reliable to o´ring failure,and is becoming popular among cave-cavern divers

#1222 - 06/28/01 01:44 PM Re: Yoke vs Din Valve
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You will find the K valve on most rental tanks.


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