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#1115 - 06/15/01 04:21 AM Zeagle Ranger vs. Concept2 Pro Help Needed
tombiowami Offline
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I am new to the sport and debating whether to purchase a BC/gear at this point. The two BCs I am looking at are the Ranger and Concept Zeagles. The main difference I see is that the Ranger has more bouyancy and can take two tank setups, and the rear trim weight setup is different. My diving will be in NC in local quarrys, wreck dives on the coast and the occasional Florida springs dives, all during summer and/or warmer weather. Do many of you use two tank setups that much, if ever? Any other thoughts on the two BCs would be appreciated.

I also was looking at the Zeagle Tech50 Regulator, any thoughts on that one?

Thanks for any help.


#1116 - 06/15/01 09:41 AM Re: Zeagle Ranger vs. Concept2 Pro Help Needed
Rebecca Offline

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I would go for the Dive Rite TransPac bc. It has everything you are looking for and the capability to do a lot more as you get more into technical diving.

#1117 - 06/18/01 12:26 AM Re: Zeagle Ranger vs. Concept2 Pro Help Needed
scrappy Offline

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I am diving the seagle concept II. I also am in north carolina and know what you are talking about. Where abouts did you get certified. I feel that the conceptII is all that I need. Also it has that padded back pack which is wonderful. the ranger does have a great lift capacity and can support doubles and has more D rings and pockets but they both are good BCD's.


#1118 - 06/18/01 10:24 AM Re: Zeagle Ranger vs. Concept2 Pro Help Needed
TexasMike Offline

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I own both the ranger and the Tech50 reg.

The ranger is a very nice BC for all recreational and entry level technical diving. But if you plan on getting into serious tech diving, then the true Backplate/harness/wings BC's are the way to go. They are very modular and can be easily setup for almost any form of diving.

the Tech50 is an excellent reg that can take you through serious tech diving. Mine breaths very well and I have found it to be a very good choice of regs.



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