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Scuba Gear Reviews by Dianne K.

Ocean Quest Pacific Totally Dry Snorkel
Rating: Ocean-Quest-Pacific-Totally-Dry-Snorkel Totally dry snorkle 10/07/2013

i think this snorkel has a learning curve. when i would free dive down and come up, i was unable to get all the water out of the snorkel. even though i didnt get any in my mouth, but you could hear the water gurgling in the snorkelkind of annoying. i experimented with turning my head from side to side as i would do in snorkeling and several times ended up with a mouth full of water. this snorkel works better for diving then for snorkeling if you are like me and tend to turn your head around when snorkeling.

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Ocean Quest Arctic Clear High Definition Purge Mask
Rating: Ocean-Quest-Arctic-Clear-High-Definition-Purge-Mask High definition Purge Mask 10/07/2013

I wondered if this mask would be comfortable because it has a little plastic piece on the inside under your nose. I tried it out for about half an hour and did not notice the piece. The mask didnt leak and worked well.

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Ocean Quest Caribbean Full Foot Fins
Rating: Ocean-Quest-Caribbean-Full-Foot-Fins good fins. 10/07/2013

I used these fins and were very happy with them.

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Scubamax 6oz Premium Lycra Fin Dive Socks
Rating: Scubamax-6oz-Premium-Lycra-Fin-Dive-Socks dive socks 10/07/2013

We got these dive socks to keep our feet from getting sunburned when we snorkel or paddleboard. They worked great. I expect they will work well the next time we dive in warm water. Would definitely get them again.

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