Scuba Gear Reviews by blair s.

Sealife Mini 2 Underwater Dive Camera
Rating: Sealife-Mini-2-Underwater-Dive-Camera Capture Diving memories 9/16/2013

camera worked great- just as promised. You do need to hold the camera steady as it does not like movement (blurry photos). You also need to insure that you are inb the correct setting: land/snorkel/diving. But a great value for the money

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Sherwood Retractable Compass
Rating: Sherwood-Retractable-Dive-Compass Navigation Security 9/9/2013

What a great product- the retractible feature keeps it snug against my BCD and out of the way till I needed it. The slated face was easy to read and use. A must have, especially for the price

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Scuba Deluxe Round Protective Regulator Bag
Rating: Scuba-Deluxe-Round-Protective-Regulator-Bag Gear Protection 9/9/2013

great product, well worth the price. We do all of our scuba diving via travel and this product has protected our sensitive and valuable regulator systems. Well worth having

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