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XS Scuba 8mm Zipper Thug Boots
Rating: XS-Scuba-8mm-Zipper-Thug-Boots Thug Boots 7/6/2013

Let me prefence my comments with Iam diabetic so I need to take that in to consideration when I purchase some things. These boots feel just like my street boots in fit and the sturdiness of the soles. The zip up is a great feature. Appaers very accurate in the size with my street boots. Iam very happy with them.

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Ocean Quest 7mm Premium Super-Stretch Titanium Wetsuit
Rating: Ocean-Quest-7mm-Premium-Super-Stretch-Titanium-Wetsuit Wetsuit package 7/4/2013

This is my first wetsuit and over all package is great although I did have to return the suit and exchange it for a 2XL. The exchange process was vvery easy and quick. Iam diabetic and so must be concerned about fit and such things and this wetsuit package fits the bill just fine. The boots were a little soft in the soles, but I fixed that by upgrading to the 8mm Thug boot which is just like putting on my street boots.

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Hollis M-4 Frameless Mask
Rating: Hollis-M-4-Frameless-Mask Hollis M4 7/4/2013

Great mask good fit and comfortable. Iam diabetic and blind in my right eye so it makes good use of what vision I have

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