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Trident U-Mark It Gear Marking Paint
Rating: Trident-U-Mark-It-Gear-Marking-Paint Write it up and it stays up 06/17/2013

The U-Mark is great and a must for all those wanting to mark their great, specially in case you have a lot of gear that you are handing out to people. Dries relatively fast, however instructions mention that you should wait a full 24 hours.

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Innovative 60 Inch Weight Belt with Nylon Buckle
Rating: Innovative-60-Inch-Weight-Belt-with-Nylon-Buckle Great price / quality ratio ... 06/17/2013

Simple, cheap, reliable ... This is a great starter belt for all that need to strap weights on, or are looking to have a spare on hand.

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Trident Dive Slate Cleaner
Rating: Trident-Dive-Slate-Cleaner 1 + 1 06/17/2013

Nothings much to say about this product except that it does whats its supposed to and it does it extremely well! A must for every slate owner.

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Mares Writing Slate
Rating: Mares-Writing-Slate Just the right size! 06/17/2013

This slate Mares writing slate is the perfect solution for those wanting to pass along highly detailed and specific information to other divers, be it on technical dives / underwater construction tasks such as the current project Im on. Accropodes are not the easiest things to work with / around, however if you remove the extra stress that comes with not being able to communicate clearly, then thats always a plus!

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