Scuba Gear Reviews by KHAIRUL FAHMY PAIMIN

Trident Dive Slate Cleaner
Rating: Trident-Dive-Slate-Cleaner it cleans, thats all matters 4/27/2013

It cleans the slate well and does nothing else.

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Princeton Tec Tropic Light Pack
Rating: Princeton-Tec-Tropic-Light-Pack value for money 4/27/2013

Dove with the main light during night dive and performed well. The on/off switch is quite stiff and need to use the other hand. Due to its extra weight, need to adjust your weight accordingly.

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Submersible Systems Spare Air Pack
Rating: Submersible-Systems-Spare-Air-Pack spare air 1.7cu 4/27/2013

Tested at 20m deep and it performed well. Manage to get 16 breath, enough to get to a buddy or surface. This item is psychological - you will feel better knowing its there. once mounted at the bcd, You need to put some Weight on the other side to trim yourself.

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