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Akona Classic Regulator Bag
Rating: Akona-Regulator-Bag Scuba Regulator Bag

Received my scuba regulator bag and was very pleased that I finally was able to protect the regulator for the first time with its own container instead of placing it in the middle of my BCD. The only draw back is I do not understand why a carrying strap is not part of the entire package instead. Thanks for the bag.

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500psi 2oz Sport Bottle Mask Defog with Carabiner
Rating: 500psi-2oz-Sport-Bottle-Mask-Defog-with-Carabiner 500psi Mask Defog

I was amazed with the durability of this product. I received it before my diving adventure to the Florida fresh water springs. I was please as how well it performed in the caverns where the humidity was very high. I feared the extreme humidity would default the solution prior to getting under way. Once again, thanks for making my diving adventure a success!!

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Dive Optics Stick-On Optic Lenses for Masks
Rating: Dive-Optics-Stick-On-Optic-Lenses-for-Masks Dive Optic stick on

It was a pleasure to receive my order so quickly. I immediately applied the stick-on optics accordingly to the applied instructions and was amaze how easy it was and its durability once the optics were dry. This product has immensely improved my ability to read my depth and air gauges. If it wouldnt have performed as expected, my next step would have to get my mask serviced with a vision script. Thanks!!

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