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Scuba Gear Reviews by Roderick S.

Scuba Tank Carrier
Rating: Scuba-Tank-Carrier Not a great performer 3/17/2013

I had trouble getting this carrier attached tightly enough around the tank that it wouldnt slip lengthwise on the tank, causing an unbalanced condition. Even re-cinching the straps didnt help much, they still loosened after carrying the tank a bit. Probably attaching a velcro strip to the tank and another to the straps would help secure it from sliding, but I havent tried this. Overall, Im not pleased with the performance of this product.

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Faber 117 Cubic Foot FX Series High Pressure Steel Tank
Rating: Faber-117-Cubic-Foot-FX-Series-High-Pressure-Steel-Scuba-Tank This is a very nice tank! 3/17/2013

i use this tank for filling a pcp air rifle. almost seems a shame, as it would be a very good diving tank. i really like the white finish. it looks nice and seems very durable with reasonable care. the boot that came on the tank is decent, and it came with a very nice valve, that works well for my purpose. if the tank was to be used for diving, or handled and stored loose, i might get a different boot for it that had better built-in roll resistance, and a slightly larger base for better stability when standing upright. the tank is heavy, but that is to be expected for this type of product. it is not so heavy that it is difficult to handle and move around. overall, im very happy with the tank. i can get several full-pressure fills for my 3000 psi airgun before the pressure in the tank s to below 3000 psi.

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