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Rating: Excellent Suit for Cold Water

although i had never experienced a semi-dry wetsuit before, i was pleasantly surprised with this 6.5 mm marea version. what really makes it "semi" dry though is the waterproof zipper, which, while it does take some extra care, works really well. as the other reviewer pointed out, it takes a great amount of effort to get it to move (open) initially...make sure you use the included tzip lube that comes with it and really get it lubed up and moving right from the start. trust me, i thought mine was going to break and be permanently stuck, but it will move with a lot of careful effort. the seals at the neck, arms, and ankles are good, but were not talking dry suit-type seals they do let a little bit of water in, albeit somewhat slowly. the key thing to remember with this is that it is ultimately still a wetsuit, and while my experience indicates that it is certainly warm and keeps water from seeping in too fast, at the end of all my regular dives with it (for more than 10 minutes at depths greater than 10 feet), i came out just as wet as i would have if i was wearing a normal wetsuit. so dont expect to be wearing gym shorts and a t-shirt under this suit, as you will still get wet underneath. i tried a dozen different ways to close the suit up myself, and although i think i am pretty flexible, theres just no way because the zipper is tough to move as it is designed. one thing i will suggest is that after your buddy closes the zipper up, give it another pull at the seal to make sure its completely closed. one dive i had my buddy didnt pull it all the way and i immediately felt the chill of 52 degree water on my back because of it. all in all, i used this suit in 50-54 degree water down to about 85 feet and found it warm (with a 1.5 mm shirt underneath) and a great buy at the closeout price. for what its worth, i am 5 8" tall and weigh 152 lbs and got the medium which fits great. its not skin tight all around because of how the zipper is designed, but it still fit great.

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Pinnacle 5/3mm Merino Titanium Hooded Diving Vest
Rating: Pinnacle-5-3mm-Merino-Titanium-Hooded-Diving-Vest Great Vest, Neck a Little Snug

This is a great vest for adding warmth under a wetsuit. I wore this under a 6.5 semidry and it definitely helped keep water out of the neck seal and kept my torso super warm in the 55 degree water. The merino lining is great and the quality is definitely good. While this product certainly fit me properly (Im 5 8" 154 lbs, I bought a ML), I did notice that the neck of the hood was a little snug which was great as a seal, but a little hard on my circulation. Id still recommend it though.

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Innovative Ez Spring Fin Straps
Rating: Innovative-Ez-Spring-Fin-Straps Decent Straps for Free

Got these straps for free with my TUSA Xpert Zoom fins. They were okay and certainly served their purpose for being free. However, I found the TUSA spring straps to be of higher quality and ultimately purchsed those even though I already had these. Decent straps, but in my opinion, there are better ones.

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Innovative Ez Spring Fin Straps
Rating: Innovative-Ez-Spring-Fin-Straps Best Fins I ever Owned

Great fins, fantastic through the water with power when I need it, and smooth gliding consistently though the water all the time. Easy to put on and take off with spring straps, although I opted for purchasing the actual TUSA spring straps rather than use the free ones that came with the fins because of the TUSAs higher quality and ease of use. Highly recommend the fins!

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TUSA EZ Spring Fin Straps
Rating: TUSA-EZ-Spring-Dive-Fin-Straps Perfect for my TUSA Xpert fins

Even though I received free spring straps with my Xpert Zoom purchase, I still bought these TUSA ones because they are much better quality and provide much greater ease of use. Very easy to put on and take off fins, especially in the water, with these great straps. No problems and highly recommended!

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XS Scuba Folding Wetsuit Hanger
Rating: XS-Scuba-Folding-Wetsuit-Hanger Great hanger for Travel or Home

Nice small size when folded but still has good shoulder support when open. Currently using on a 3.5 mm wetsuit and even though its probably strong enough, I wouldnt use it on my 6.5 mm semidry because the shoulder support isnt wide enough. But for 3 mm and less, and for the folding capability, I still give this hanger 5 stars.

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