Scuba Gear Reviews by Stephanie B.

Scuba Mask Strap Wrapper
Rating: Scuba-Mask-Strap-Wrapper why didnt i get one of these sooner 3/6/2013

wow what a difference, hair not getting caught in the strap and being pulled. Wont snorkel without one of these now.

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Atomic Ultra Clear Frameless Mask
Rating: Atomic-Ultra-Clear-Frameless-Mask nice comfortable mask 3/6/2013

The mask never fogged up, didnt have any water inside the mask but the nose piece always seemed to have water in it. Didnt matter how tight or loose the mask was.

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Oceanic Ultra Dry Snorkel
Rating: Oceanic-Ultra-Dry-Snorkel dry snorkel 3/6/2013

It is what the name says it is. The snorkel stays dry even in the bigggest waves and diving under water. Would highly recommend this snorkel.

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