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Scuba Gear Reviews by Tim Christenson

500psi Mask Defog
Rating: 500psi-Mask-Defog Fake spit 1/14/2013

The first application on a new mask seemed to upset my girlfriend. It smeared up the lens and she spent 15 minutes with paper towels in our resort room trying to clear it up. I explained that the benifits later would pay off, but for a beginner, she found it oxymoronic, blurring a lens to see clearly and all. When the product was put to the test in pool and ocean waters, it worked perfect!She didnt notice what she didnt see,(fog)But I did. For those of you looking for a classier way to anti fog than spit, this is your best choice.

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500psi Mask Defog
Rating: 500psi-Mask-Defog Happy Girlfriend! 1/14/2013

Her small sized head made fitting a mask to an adult difficult. Her first two masks leaked (not XS Scuba Fusion 2) due to a slight curve inward on her beautiful face by her temples. The XS Scuba Fusion 2 mask seals up watertight without leaving indents and even though our snorkle conditions were poor she still bobbed up out of the water with a snorkle in her mouth and a smile on her face! I would have paid double.

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