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Sealife Lanyard with Clip
Rating: Sealife-Lanyard-with-Clip Sealife Lanyard with Clip 1/14/2013

This lanyard, made for your Sealife camera, is perfect for use when snorkeling in shallow water, 7-15 feet. If youre a less experienced swimmer or uncomfortable in the water, you may want to use a strap with a float on your camera at first. Just FYI. However, if youre planning to use your rig in deeper water or diving, you should look into a camera weight to achieve neutral buoyancy. Sealife manufactures this item. Remember, you can try them out at home in the pool or hot tub before you go on your trip to see how you prefer your setup. That way when you get to your vacation or adventure spot you wont waste any valuable time in the water and you can go when you get there! Have fun!

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Sealife Neoprene macro lens cover
Rating: Sealife-Neoprene-macro-lens-cover Sealife Neoprene macro lens cover 1/14/2013

This handy cover keeps your Macro lens close by and protected from harm. The hook on the end fits the clip on the lens.

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