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Scuba Gear Reviews by Ken H.

TUSA X-Pert II Stainless Steel Knife
Rating: TUSA-X-Pert-II-Stainless-Steel-Knife Right Balance 3/15/2014

This is the best knife I have owned in 30 some years of diving. It is overall well made, comes apart for drying and rust proofing, has good cutting edges, and unlocks from the sheath easily. It is also a good size: large and stout enough to be a useful tool for solving problems, yet not so large as to be in the way. I use this knife for drysuit wreck diving. (I use a smaller BC knife for tropical diving.) An extra benefit are the hook connection straps that provide easy attachment of knife to leg. Only negative was the dullness of the straight edge blade as delivered. Using a carbide sharpener, however, I managed to get a very sharp edge with bit of work.

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Aqua Lung 5mm AquaFlex Super-Stretch Wetsuit 2013 Model
Rating: Aqua-Lung-5mm-AquaFlex-Super-Stretch-Wetsuit-2013-Model AquaFlex Flexes 9/23/2013

Yes, this suit is truly "super-stretch"! Seriously, its like no wetsuit I have used over the past 30 years. Here are the benefits of the stretchiness: First, no more struggle to get into the suit. Dont worry about the lack of ankle/wrist zippers, they are unnecessary with this material. Second, it conforms to your individual body contours, keeping you warm. Third, and fairly obvious, the freedom of movement in and out of the water is excellent. This is my second AquaFlex. I have a 7mm that I use for cool water (I go to a drysuit in cold water). I bought the 5mm for use in Cozumel, where I find my 3mm suit leaves me a bit chilled on the second dive (I chill easily). As to size, given the wide range available, and the flexibility of the material, you will find something that fits. After looking at the chart, if you seem to be between sizes, I recommend going to the larger of the two. Pay more attention to the height than the weight indicated.

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Ocean Quest 2mm Premium Super-Stretch Titanium Dive Beanie
Rating: Ocean-Quest-2mm-Premium-Super-Stretch-Titanium-Dive-Beanie Cheap Insurance 1/28/2013

i bought this beanie for a january trip to cozumel where a little extra warmth can be nice just in case the sun isnt blazing between dives. as it turned out i wore it for all dives (in addition to my 3 mm suit) because... i just like to be warm. a few times on the trip back to the dock i fastened the side flaps up and continued to wear it like...a beanie. being from northern michigan (land of the dry suit) i really appreciate efficient ways to keep warm and comfortable in and out of the water and if you try to tough your way through getting cold you will lose. and we all know how much heat is lost from the head, right? so buy this beanie and stick in in your bag. btw, its comfy and well made.

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