Scuba Gear Reviews by Bruce W.

Rating: Good gloves

Overall these are good warm gloves. They do tend to let in a bit of water however and they are quite thick so not the easiest to use (zipping up pockets on BC etc). They work well with the Mares Isotherm semi-dry wetsuit to help seal out water from the suit. If you arent diving in very cold water then perhaps the thinner Mares gloves are more useful (I have both).

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Rating: Great semi-dry!

This is a high quality semi-dry wetsuit. It looks and feels great. The seals (like a drysuit) work very well so the only water is around the ankles, wrists (with gloves and boots) and a little around the neck if the hood isnt worn. It was quite warm in 70degF/21degC water and flexible enough to allow pretty good movement. The first time I used it is was on the tight side and the zipper seal was tough... just give it a soak and dry before you go to use it and put the grease on the zipper and its a breeze the second time onwards. You need to have a buddy to use this suit also as the zipper is almost impossible to use by yourself unless you are really flexible (most people dont dive alone so no drama).

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Mares Raptor Adjustable Strap Split Fins.
Rating: Mares-Raptor-Adjustable-Strap-Split-Fins. Great Fins... effortless!

After using traditional fins I decided to change to split fins. I was amazed at how effortless they were to use... small light kicks provided great propulsion. They were also easier to turn around in tight spots with. Only 2 small negatives... The first is that if you are using a thick boot and large size then it can be a tight fit into the fins even in XL size... that said it wasnt uncomfortable. Secondly Im disappointed that Mares charges so much for their steel spring straps. I cant really fault the rubber ones that come with the fin they are easy to use. Id happily recommend these fins

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