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Scuba Tool Master
Rating: Scuba-Tool-Master Compact and Works 01/31/2014

Its not pretty and can be frustrating, as the wrenches can fold back into the tool if it isnt oriented correctly but has most of the tools needed to do site work on your gear and makes it difficult to over-tighten things (which I have a tendency to do). It gets passed around a lot at dive sites. Theres always something that can use an adjustment and Im amazed how many people bring no tools at all on a dive. Well see how well it holds up to the marine environment but it seems well made of good materials and even if it corrodes after a while, its an inexpensive bit of save-the-dive insurance.

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Scuba Deluxe Tank O-Ring Kit and Key Chain
Rating: Scuba-Deluxe-Tank-O-Ring-Kit-and-Key-Chain Fun way to store your O-Rings 01/31/2014

Its cute and always gets a laugh at the dive site. Probably because the red tank matches the colour of my multi-tool. Im not exactly fashion-conscious - none of my gear matches in colour or brand. It would be good if the kit included a hose o-ring or two as well as the tank rings, but it doesnt. Not as if they cost a whole lot to add. Theres plenty of room for a lifetime of O-rings. Havent used it as a key chain - it lives in my save-the-dive box but I know at least one diver who has used hers for her car keys for a long time.

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ScubaPro R095 Octo
Rating: ScubaPro-R095-Scuba-Octo A Good Basic Octo 01/31/2014

ScubaPro does not make my favourite regs but theres no question that their products are good quality. The R095 is their bottom-of-the-line octo. Its entirely plastic, there are no adjustments and you have to work a bit to get it to breath. I needed an octo and bought this one because of the very good price - and Im entirely comfortable with the idea of diving with it as my safe second. Its as basic as it gets but its a solid unit.

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TUSA Platina Mini 2 Gauge Console
Rating: TUSA-Platina-Mini-2-Gauge-Console Good Quality in an inexpensive package 01/31/2014

I was a little surprised by the quality of the console. At this price I was ready to accept a little flimsiness or corners cut to keep the cost down. The gauges are easy to read (Im nearsighted) and the console seems pretty bulletproof. Its really slim and easy to keep tucked away and streamlined. Looks good, too, if you care about that sort of thing.

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TUSA Platina Mini 2 Gauge Console
Rating: TUSA-Platina-Mini-2-Gauge-Console Easy on the knees and still good speed 09/27/2012

nice quality at an excellent price - the Raptors fit the bill for me, a novice with wonky knees and a tendency towards leg cramps. Using the heavy, vented fins that are the defacto standard for dry suit diving meant that every dive had cramping incidents and real sore knees the next day. These split fins take the pressure off both muscles and tendons and while they do make frog kicks and moving backwards more challenging, I can still do either when I need to. And I still keep up with my buddy without struggling. Am a bit worried that the small plastic parts in the strap release mechanism wont last very long but was pleasantly surprised by the fit and finish. Very little parachute effect - a surprise since the foot pocket seems very boxy and rigid until you get the boot in. And three day delivery to Canada! Usually I have to wait a week or more for stuff from the USA. rocks!

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