Scuba Gear Reviews by Benjamin Shey

Ocean Quest 6oz Premium Lycra Fin Dive Socks
Rating: Ocean-Quest-6oz-Premium-Lycra-Fin-Dive-Socks Great Product at a great price- But not too comfy on their own.

These socks are great. They are well priced and quite nice quality. They make your feet feel a little warmer, but they also make putting boots on and off completely effortless. These arent too comfy when you first put them on because they arent really a sock shape and the seams are thick and you can feel them on your foot... but once your in the boot you forget and it feels nicer and more comfortable then with no socks. Highly recommended.

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Atomic Ultra Clear Subframe Mask
Rating: Atomic-Ultra-Clear-Subframe-Mask Wow. High quality mask

This mask is great piece of scuba equipment. Let me start with the packaging. I comes in a great hard case, but unlike some other mask boxes, the mask stands upright with the lenses perpendicular to the horizontal. In other words, the mask sits in the box in the same orientation that one would wear it (as opposed sitting with the lenses facing up). The mask itself is super high quality. If you have a high nose bridge, i wouldnt recommend this mask. The mask it low profile due to the subframe technology, and the cross bit over the nose is actually metal. The lenses are great. They are so clear and dont have a greenish tint. You cant even tell they are there. The mask strap fits perfectly in the mask strap covers they sell here. The mask strap has a great, simple and easy system for tightening and loosening the strap. The mask itself is not at all leaky and is comfortable. I dont know what more to say... Its a great scuba mask!

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