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Deep See 3mm Farmer John/Jane
Rating: Deep-See-3mm-Farmer-John-Jane My Farmer Dive suit 10/23/2012

Ive had farmer dive suit before and i find they are easier to get out of as well fit very comfortible. It gives my arms more room to move around in compared to the full dive suit for men. Thanks

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Ocean Quest 3mm Low Top Premium Super-Stretch Titanium Medium Sole Dive Boots
Rating: Ocean-Quest-3mm-Low-Top-Premium-Super-Stretch-Titanium-Medium-Sole-Dive-Boots Dive boots 9/19/2012

I have always had dive boots that werehigher up on my leg. But these dive boots are just so easy to get on and off. They feel very good on my feet. I would tell you need to but these they are great.

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Ocean Quest Pacific Adjustable Strap Fins
Rating: Ocean-Quest-Pacific-Adjustable-Strap-Fins Kicking thru the water 9/19/2012

These fins are very good and useful to get you thru the water while diving. I found it very easy to kick thru in order to get to where i wanted to go. I tell everyone this is a good kick.

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