Scuba Gear Reviews by Carlos P.

Innovative Aqua Maraca Signaling Device
Rating: Innovative-Aqua-Maraca-Signaling-Device Handy dandy

Simple, effective way of getting your dive buddys attention. Great value.

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Ideations Surface & Underwater Air Horn Dive Alert Plus V.2
Rating: Ideations-Surface---Underwater-Air-Horn-Dive-Alert-Plus-V.2 Reassuring and handy

I bought this for my daughter for our recent dive trip to the Carribean as we were planning some drift and night dives. It came in handy as a signaling device underwater and reassuring to know she can be heard on the surface for long distances if needed.

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Mares Dragon Ergo BC with MRS Plus Weight System
Rating: Mares-Dragon-Ergo-BC-with-MRS-Plus-Weight-System Sweet BC

Overall very nice design, quality built, rugged BC provides very comfortable fit and balance/responsiveness underwater. Im very happy with the choice and would strongly recommend to anyone looking for a top notch BC. I only wish the unit was a few pounds lighter for travel - it is a minor quip.

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Sherwood Magnum Regulator
Rating: Sherwood-Magnum-Regulator Good Value

I first used an old Sherwood Magnum when I started diving back in the 70s, it was a reliable work horse which I depended on for many years. Subsequently I moved on to more sophisticated designs but they were finicky and maintenance was a pain. So when it came time to buy a new regulator I was pleasantly surprised to get a recommendation by one of the staff at for the new Magnum. Although I had my mind on a more expensive top brand, I decided to go for it - it did not disappoint. The unit is easy to breath with regardless of the depth, position or remaining air in the tank. The mouth piece was comfortable and the first stage has adequate ports to tap in high and low pressure accessories. Good bang for the buck.

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