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XS Scuba Plastic Protective Mask Box
Rating: XS-Scuba-Plastic-Protective-Mask-Box Save a dive with a mask box 8/26/2012

After an expensive mask was crushed in my dive bag on a boat trip, I decided it was time to protects all my masks when they travel. The XS Scuba Plastic Protective Scuba Dive Mask Box is a low-cost solution to saving your investment. If you normally pack a couple of masks for every dive trip, make sure they are boxed

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Oceanic Datamax Pro Plus 3 / Pro Plus 2 Battery Kit
Rating: Oceanic-Datamax-Pro-Plus-2-Battery-Kit Hard to find battery kit available at 8/26/2012

I searched quite a bit to find this battery kit for the Oceanic Datamax Pro Plus, an older (but still relevant) dive computer based on a conservative and still popular algorithm with newer dive computers. techs helped explain that even though the o-ring is round, it fits perfectly into the oblong battery compartment. Other sellers didnt understand this nuance.

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