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TUSA Liberator One Mask
Rating: TUSA-Liberator-One-Mask Liberator One mask, sound mask, but not as good as the Plus

This is truly an excellent mask, good quality silicon and fits me very well. Typical of TUSA quality in design and materials. Ive had a Tusa Liberator Plus mask for 20+ years and I was looking for that mask. I was told that the Liberator One was the same except for the available colors. Not quite the same actually. I must use prescription lenses. The Liberator One is OK, but more difficult to remove/replace lenses in (for installation and cleaning) and the strap attachment points do not have swivels as on the Plus, a minor point, I think. The frame on the Liberator One is very slightly deeper that the Plus (despite the lack of swivels) and takes up a little more room in the spare mask bag. Other wise, excellent mask

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TUSA Liberator One Mask
Rating: TUSA-Liberator-One-Mask Large Quest slate is still my favorite

This is the 3rd one of these that Ive had over the past 20 years. They get old and the cells that hold the dark fibers (iron filings?) and the white liquid get crushed in the bag or against a rock and then that area is permanently black. What I like about it is the that there is good contrast on with a bold stoke. This is great for communicating in poor visibility, night, and can be seen by the students across the platform during training. Even with prescription lenses in my mask cant always see pencil thin writing in all conditions, and my buddy has the same problem. It hangs nicely and usually without problems from a D-ring off the bottom of my BC. I also like that the message can be instantly erased and the reused immediately, not like a lead pencil. In addition, the reversible plastic slate on the back side can be used for notes which you dont want to erase, such as planning or a map of the dive.

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TUSA Liberator One Mask
Rating: TUSA-Liberator-One-Mask Pinnacle 3mm Breaker wetsuit just what I wanted.

This is the soon to be discontinued middle range 3mm full suit. The sizing was a little small than I expected, and I had to exchange it once, but Im very pleased. The neck closure at the back is a little complicated, but manageable if you take the time to learn how it goes together when closed. The material is comfortably flexible and the seals at the wrist and ankles are efficient. The generous flap under the zipper makes it difficult for me to zip it up unassisted. Ive dove comfortably in water in 70 degree water. That range can be extended by several degrees when I wear the core warmer with it.

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