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Scuba Gear Reviews by Brady Denton

Ocean Quest 7/5mm Premium Super-Stretch Titanium Diving Hood
Rating: Ocean-Quest-7-5mm-Premium-Super-Stretch-Titanium-Diving-Hood Awesome value 9/26/2012

I am very pleased with this purchase! I wasnt sure if it would be enough warmth for where I was diving. I am use to 95-90 degree tropical water. I was getting this to dive in 45 degree water. This hood did the job very well! Very happy.

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Scubamax 5mm Supratex Palm Diving Gloves
Rating: Scubamax-5mm-Supratex-Palm-Diving-Gloves Great gloves 9/26/2012

I am from southern Florida. I decided to go on a dive trip in the mountains of Montana. The water got down to 43 degrees! I was wearing a dry suit but did have these 5mm supratex palm gloves on. They worked great! Very happy with my purchase.

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Trident Lobster Game Bag
Rating: Trident-Lobster-Game-Bag Big value 8/17/2012

I bought this bag for lobster diving. Great purchase! I look for quality in things. This bag is very well made and tough. I only thing I would change is, I got the largest bag. I wish that I would have got the regular size. Unless you are going for Bahama lobsters.Great purchase!!

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