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Scuba Gear Reviews by Melissa B.

Rating: Deluxe Log Book Fine 12/5/2013

The gloves fit true to size which is a nice surprise. Work fine.

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Rating: Deluxe Log Book Bulky 12/5/2013

i thought this seemed like a good deal a flexible messenger bag for dive stuff, beach, work, and more but it was so bulky and sat on the shoulder awkwardly. wont end up using it at all.

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Armor Mesh Backpack Bag
Rating: Armor-Mesh-Backpack-Dive-Bag Meshy Mesh Bag 6/25/2013

this bag holds all of my gear and generally works great. there were a few things i wasnt quite ready for. first, the handle and the top-to-bottom zipper are on opposite sides of the bag its a bit awkward. there is also a lot of mesh - i had anticipated more fabric to hold it together. its not a big deal, but you do have to be careful to not accidentally start a hole by roughly stuffing gear in or yanking it out. the back pocket is very deep, so dont think you are getting easy access to the items congregating on bottom. none of these are show stoppers. all in all, its a good bag for a good price.

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Innovative Line Holder with Line
Rating: Innovative-Line-Holder-with-Line Line Holder Does the Job 6/25/2013

The line holder does the job. I did have to melt the end of the rope to avoid fraying, and theres not a ton of line, but it works great for most shore dive locations which is what I wanted it for. The handle is large enough that you can put it around your wrist for easy access while still keeping it on your person and not letting it float away. It does the job.

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Scuba Dive Flag and Float
Rating: Scuba-Dive-Flag-and-Float Scuba Dive Flag & Float - walking advertisement 6/25/2013

The float does what its supposed to do - floats. I do not use the flag, as it can cause the float to be lopsided and is prone to cracking at the bottom of your dive bag anyway. The float is nice and big, easy to see, so doesnt really need it. Despite the picture I was not ready for the very LARGE logos all around it. Prepare to be a swimming advertisement. If that doesnt bother you, its a good float for a good price. Safety first.

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Scuba Dive Flag and Float
Rating: Scuba-Dive-Flag-and-Float Needs more info 8/8/2012

The pages for this book were tough to see online, so I took a chance. I wish there were more areas for basic dive info such as air/nitrox/tri, fresh/sea water, wetsuit types, etc. Other than that there is sufficient space for noting the dive experience. I will keep looking for other pages that are laid out a bit nicer with designated areas to capture standard info.

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Scuba Deluxe Log Book
Rating: Scuba-Deluxe-Log-Book Nice Folio 8/8/2012

At first I thought this binder would be too big to be convenient, lugging it from dive site to dive site. It turns out there are a lot more items I put in there than anticipated. The interior mesh pocket, pen and card pockets hold a nice range of small gear and all of the dive and personal items you may want to take with you. The all-around zipper keeps things (like your wallet or car keys) from falling out. In all, could still stand to be a bit smaller but a very good binder to keep divers organized.

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