Scuba Gear Reviews by Phil Napolitano

Oceanic Ultra Dry Snorkel White Silicone
Rating: Oceanic-Ultra-Dry-Snorkel-White-Silicone Awesome!

Its incredible to be able to dive under water and come right back up and not have to worry about clearing your snorkel! You have a winner in this product! LOVE IT

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Ocean Quest Arctic Clear High Definition Purge Mask
Rating: Ocean-Quest-Arctic-Clear-High-Definition-Purge-Mask Its a winner!

I am a novice when it comes to snorkeling.. When I was a kid we used to snorkel in our pool, the mask I had was a full face mask(dont remember what kind). It came with a purge valve right on the face piece. I can remember thinking how cool it was to be able to clear my mask while I was still under water. As I got older I have tried, with no success, to find a dive mask like that again. I purchased the Arctic Clear HD Scuba Dive Mask w/ purge valve in hopes of rekindleing that little kid in me. While the purge valve has moved from the face piece to under your nose, there is no change in the way it operates, that little kid was back. The clarity is excellent and it fits perfectly to my face, even my kids can wear it with no problems. I HIGHLY Recommend this mask w/ or w/o the purge valve!

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