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Scuba Gear Reviews by Kevin Chiocca

XS Scuba Surface Marker Buoy.(SMB)
Rating: XS-Scuba-Surface-Marker-Buoy.SMB Very useful 07/14/2012

Larger then most safety sausages but this one does everything. It comes with all the bells and whistles. It really stands out on the surface and works as a small lift bag. Too large to fit in most BC pockets but it is worth bringing along on drift dives or for use in small recoverys. If it was half orange and half yellow it would be perfect. KC

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Scuba Mini U-Beam 5 L.E.D. Light
Rating: Scuba-Mini-U-Beam-5-L.E.D.-Dive-Light. Under powered 07/14/2012

This light is small and easy to carry, fits in any pocket. It does not provide much illumination under water. Its best use may be as a signaling device in low visibility or night diving. Its small enough that Ill leave it in my BC, but if you know yourll need/want a light, bring something bigger. KC

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