Scuba Gear Reviews by Christine O´Byrne

Oceanic Ultra Dry Snorkel
Rating: Oceanic-Ultra-Dry-Snorkel Great snorkel! I wouldnt want any other. 11/11/2012

I love this snorkel! I am a beginner, and had one incident where I had not blown all of the water out the day before. When I went in the water the next day I could hear this gurgling sound and then some water came in as I inhaled. I got scared, but after blowing the water out good I couldnt hear the gurgling anymore and it was dry from then on. I was snorkeling off Kauai, so the waves would come over the snorkel end quite a bit. I had no problems after I figured out the gurgling warning and blew it out each day.

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H2O Alpha 2 Mask
Rating: H2O-Alpha-2-Mask Great mask for a guy with glasses and a moustache! 11/11/2012

I wanted to find the perfect mask for my husband, who has a strong lens prescription and also has a moustache. It took a while, but after reading the other reviews about this mask, it was the one I decided to try. I ordered the purge valve version, which only comes with the clear mask, because thats what the guys with moustaches were liking. My husband had never snorkeled before and I wanted him to have a positive experience. This mask did the job perfect! My husband even commented that he could see better with the masks prescription lenses than with his glasses, and joked that he would wear the mask to do his computer work. No leaking to speak of, and if there is a little then the purge valve takes care of it. I decided that I would order one for myself too, only in black with no purge valve and no prescription lenses, since I dont wear glasses and dont have a moustache (yet). I love my mask too!

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H2O Alpha 2 Mask
Rating: H2O-Alpha-2-Mask Great bag! 11/11/2012

We ordered this bag because it was smaller than some of the other diving bags, and we just needed a nice bag for 2 sets of snorkel gear. It still has tons of room, enough for 2 masks, 2 snorkels, 2 sets of fins, 2 life vests and a couple of beach towels. We checked it as baggage on our trip and it held up fine. A big plus for me is that it does not stink inside with offgassing like some bags do. The padded form fitting shoulder strap was comfortable.

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Akona 2mm Low Top Dive Socks
Rating: Akona-2mm-Low-Top-Dive-Socks Great socks! Get 2 or 3 sizes smaller though. 11/11/2012

I ordered these to wear with my slightly too large fins, and they make the fins fit perfect and are so comfortable! When I went to order, I saw a review from a woman with size 9 feet like me. She advised to get 2 sizes smaller, so I ordered a size 7. When my order arrived I received a size 6 instead, which I thought would be too small. I tried them on and they fit, snug but comfortable. I kept the size 6 and really like them. So you could order 2 to 3 sizes smaller than your shoe size for a perfect fit.

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