Scuba Gear Reviews by Katrina M.

Trident Knife Strap
Rating: Trident-Knife-Strap Good Product

I am pleased with this product. The straps are too short to wear around my thigh, but they are definitely more secure than the original straps my knife came with.

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Innovative Neoprene Knife Sheath
Rating: Innovative-Neoprene-Knife-Sheath Great Product

I was unhappy with the straps my knife came with originally, but the sheath worked amazingly. The only problem I had with it was I didnt tighten it enough the first time to compensate for my wetsuit compressing at depth and the sheath slipped. My knife is fairly large, and the sheath fits well over the knife and the holder. The velcro straps are long enough to wear around a thigh, for calves I would recommend cutting the straps. There is a second velcro strap to wrap around the dive knife handle, I didnt like this option so I just velcroed the straps behind the handle. Overall I am very pleased with this product.

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