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XS Scuba Xscerrory Mini Retractor Clip
Rating: XS-Scuba-Xscerrory-Mini-Retractor-Clip Mini retractor clip 6/23/2012

This thing works great and should be on your to get list. Guages are always accessible and you dont have to fumble around to re-clip to your BCD. Thumbs up on this.

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Mares Mission 3 Gauge
Rating: Mares-Mission-3-Gauge Mission 3 Gauges 6/23/2012

When I initially took the guages out of the box I thought the dials where a little small but once in the water no problems. I dive in fresh water lakes and they tend to be darker and have very loose bottoms. The Mares Mission 3 gauges where very easy to read even in these conditions and being compact they tend to not get in the way. Also this is a great features when packing them in your gear bag. Great job Mares. I would recommend these guages any day of the week.

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Mares Mission 3 Gauge
Rating: Mares-Mission-3-Gauge SubaPro Geo Scuba BCD 6/23/2012

This BCD is very light and the dual tank retention strap system works great. I have a Large and I weigh 203lbs and the lift was very good. The only problem with this BCD is that if you are putting it on in the water it is a little difficult with a 7mm suit on and without a backplate this also adds to the difficulty. I bought it on sale and got a great price on it. This will be my travel BCD as I will be purchasing one with integrated weights and a backplate. All in all it was worth the purchase.

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Oceanic EOS MaxFlex Regulator with Dry Valve Technology
Rating: Oceanic-EOS-MaxFlex-Regulator-with-Dry-Valve-Technology Oceani EOS Max Flex Regs 6/23/2012

I have only used the regs a few times now but I am very happy with my purchase. The only thing you have to remember is to face the mouth piece down when you take it out of your mouth when it is in the dive mode. In pre-dive it wont do this and the reg works fine in both modes. A small thing that would be nice would be to have little longer hose. Other than that it was effortless breathing and the finish is very nice.

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