Scuba Gear Reviews by Charles Brodsky

Trident Lobster Game Bag
Rating: Trident-Lobster-Game-Bag Trident Lobster Bag 4/26/2013

Very sturdy made, Large enough to fit large to fit a pretty big speared Game Fish & The closing & Locking System makes it very simpleReccomrnded to Fscaping......Highly

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Scuba Tank Carrier
Rating: Scuba-Tank-Carrier Tank Carrier 9/15/2012

Awosome, @ an excellent price, light-weight,totally encompasses any & all tank sizes,strong weaved, w/ a molded grip handle. Highly recommend!!

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Promate Adjustable Lanyard
Rating: Promate-Adjustable-Lanyard Adjutable Divers Lanyard: 7/8/2012

With the Investment in a good Quality Divers Knife, you need to be able not to Loose it when you pull it out of its sheath. For eg. if you happen to pull out your knife for what ever the reason like a predator that is too close for your comfort ( invading your personal space) & you need to scare Him/Her off you can always punch it in the snout, where all their most sensitive nerves are or jab it w/ you Knife to scare them OFF & let them know that you are not an easy Meal! The Adjustable Divers Lanyard is a Great investment, it is @ a Great price $ that easily fits around your wrist, that you can adjust for a tight Fit so when you pull out your Divers Knife and you most certainly dont want to loose it you have the protection of your investment $$ by having it attached to your wrist. This is a part of your equipment that you absolutely need to have to protect your Divers Knife from loss in case of you loose your grip of it when Diving. Go for it. Sincerely yous Fellow Diver Chazz Brodsky.

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Scuba Mask Strap Wrapper
Rating: Scuba-Mask-Strap-Wrapper Scuba Dive Mask Wrapper 7/3/2012

This product is @ a very reasonable price, & makes the Mask Strap fit real comfortable as well as a great a fit to the back of the users Head. Greatly Yours customer.

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Atomic Ultra Clear Subframe Mask
Rating: Atomic-Ultra-Clear-Subframe-Mask Atomic Ultra Subframe Scuba Dive Mask 6/17/2012

Sturdy construction, comfortable fit, very clear lens w/ Anti-fog chareteristics at a goob price.

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