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Rating: It just delivers everything!

Where do I start....I was looking for a BC that would hold my SMB and reel, slates, secondary torch, be able to hold enough weight for a cold water diver, and while having all my bits tucked away they needed to be accessable. Well this BC meets all my needs and its so comfy! The pockets are nice and roomy they are easy to open and close under water, the volume isnt impeeded when the BC is inflated like so many others on the market. I can reach my SMB in the rear side pocket with easy or my secondary torch. It can hold so much weight I will never be able to over load it, and the lift is awesome, it has D rings everywhere. I love that I can carry my car key in the front zip pocket and dont have to leave it under the bumper anymore. The inflator is nice and smooth easy to use and always right there. It also looks well made and solid, the weight pockets are very easy to put in no fumbling to line them up. Im happy with my purchase and hope others get to experience the same.

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Rating: Just what the Little One ordered

Great solid BC, the perfect size for our daughter. She has gone from being very uncomfortable in the water, to being completely at ease. Everything is where it needs to be for her to use. I would recommend this for anyone who has a pint size diver to kit out. Thank you also to the team at for being so helpful during our purchase.

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