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XS Scuba Fusion Mask
Rating: XS-Scuba-Fusion-Mask Nice vision.

just bought two of these for snorkeling in the caribbean. my wife & i both liked the masks very much. good quality siliconewe both had a fine seal with no irritation after hours in the water. the extra pane of vision is very nice. you still need to adjust your eyes or tilt of your head due to the refraction between the front and side views, but it really opens things up. it certainly removes the tunnel vision feel ive gotten with other masks. i had a cover to go around the back of my wifes strap, so no hair problems noted. and i clipped on a video camera to the side of mine & it held solid the whole time. like them alot!

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Oceanic Ultra Dry Snorkel White Silicone
Rating: Oceanic-Ultra-Dry-Snorkel-White-Silicone No more saltwater taste

i recently bought oceanic ultra dry snorkels for my wife and myself. just gave them their first test on a trip to the caribbean, and loved them. i must say i was skepticalthe claims seemed almost too unbelievable. we have always used higher quality equipment (the worst harm to the sport of snorkeling is done by giving novice swimmers a simple j-tube, welcoming a mouthful of sea, and hearing them swear off the reefs forever!), so i wasnt expecting a vast improvement. but the unique valve certainly did make a great difference. after submerging and re-surfacing your first action can actually be inhalation! i found myself still blowing to purge the snorkel- out of habit, but didnt even need to! and my best example of the valves benefit was found as i was near the shore with my head out of the water looking toward the beach for my wife-not really paying attention as a wave formed behind me. ive taken on my share of saltwater in just such a circumstance over the years. but it was truly amazing. i felt the ultra drys valve engage (just a small click) as the wave crashed, and when i bobbed to the surface my mouth was totally clear. it works without having to think about it! that may be the only drawback, because if i had to revert to a simple tube or minimally effective splash guard, id probably take on alot of brine to re-learn the art! i wont go back in without an ultra dry though. the silicone seemed to be great quality. very comfortable mouthpiece, even for my wife who has been irritated by some before. we give the snorkels our highest grade! dont keep swallowing waterget one of these!

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