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Sealife Mini 2 Underwater Dive Camera
Rating: Sealife-Mini-2-Underwater-Dive-Camera Pretty good little camera

I had read a number of bad reviews for this camera, but fortunately I didnt experience any of the problems I had read about there. I only took it on two dives this trip, but that was due to poor viz and not because of the camera. I took it down to over 100 ft, and had no problems with water getting in the camera. I also used the same batteries for both dives, and the camera was still showing fully charged when I came home. I didnt open the camera until I came home and had to take the SD card out, and I didnt take any videos or use the internal flash so that may have helped. The qualities of the photos were certainly not what you would expect from a high end camera, but for $169 and for its small size, it did what I wanted. I enhanced the photos with photoshop to add the color that you lose without an external flash, but it did meet all of my expectations.

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Cressi Travelight BC
Rating: Cressi-Travelight-BC Great BCD

Ive been diving for over 13 years, but have always rented a BCD at my destination so I could avoid checking baggage. Unfortunately, most rental BCDs do not come with integrated weight systems and are often not in the greatest condition, and I was tired of dealing with those issues. Even though the Travelight packs into a small package, it will push you over the limit for carry-on unless you just wear the clothes on your back for your entire trip. Still, it was a very worthwhile investment. It was incredibly comfortable, and felt almost as though I was just free-diving. Everything worked well, and my buoyancy control seemed better than I had ever experienced with any rental BCD. Definitely recommend it!

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