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ScubaPro Compact Dry Bag
Rating: ScubaPro-Compact-Dry-Bag Scuba Pro compact dry dive bag SKU 018877 5/15/2012

This is just the perfect size, easy to use, dry bag for boat diving. It is big enough for shorts, shirt, sun glasses, sun lotion, lip balm, and lastly my SLR camera. You can not beat it for the price.

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XS Scuba Titanium Knife
Rating: XS-Scuba-Titanium-Knife XS Scuba titanium dive knife blue sharp SKU code 024067 5/15/2012

Absolutely a great knife. The blade is sharp and sturdy. The handle is comfortable and fits in ones hand. The extra security latch is a bonus. There is no concern with loosing the knife. I purchased the knife with the knife wrap. This is the perfect combination for comfort and practicle, as well as, secure attachment. Lastly, it looks cool.

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XS Scuba Knife Wrap
Rating: XS-Scuba-Dive-Knife-Wrap XS dive knife wrap SKU code 023002 5/15/2012

This is an awesome addition to the XS SCUBA knife. The wrap provides the additional value of comfort when wearing the knife and security in knowing that it will not become unfastened. I just got back from Honduras and wore the knife every dive. I received numerous compliments on the knife and wrap combination. In fact one fellow dive buddy and traveler purchased the same knife and wrap combination upon his return home. Besides its functionality - it looks cool!

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