Scuba Gear Reviews by Heather Anderson

Body Glove 3mm Super Diving Beanie
Rating: Body-Glove-3mm-Super-Diving-Beanie Body Glove Beanie 5/15/2013

I have been looking for this beanie for several years in royal blue. My old beanie is 10 years old and no longer has any blue cloth covering, just the black neoprene is left. LOVE THIS BEANIE!!!! I order the wrong size and had to return them, no problems in getting the correct size. What a change from most online purchases!

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XS Scuba Wheeled Mesh Duffel Bag
Rating: XS-Scuba-Wheeled-Mesh-Duffel-Dive-Bag XS Scuba wheeled mesh bag 5/7/2012

This is the best mesh boat bag I have ever owned. This is my second bag. I dive several times a week and use this bag exclusively. It saves my back. No more lifting of heavy wet scuba equipment. I recommend it to all my students.

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